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I was nervous about working with a Life Coach for the first time. Would she ‘get me,’ would I feel awkward, wouldn’t actually making progress take forever? Working with Hélène reassured all my fears. She is caring, respectful, creative, and a perceptive listener. Through our coaching, I was able to take positive steps toward my goals, where I had been stagnating before. She identified key actions over a realistic timetable, and most importantly, held me gently accountable for completing them. I’m very grateful for her help and recommend her highly.” 

~ Ann


“After I left a 30-year career and after my twins were fully launched, I found myself at loose ends in trying to articulate what I wanted this next stage of my life to look like.  I finally had freedom — but freedom can be scary. With Hélène’s help and guidance, I was able to identify my core value set and come up with action plans that enable me to get the most out of this next stage! Hélène is unfailingly patient and insightful, and in the process, I uncovered some truths about myself I wouldn’t have gotten to otherwise.  I recommend her highly.” 

~ Sharon


Working with Hélène was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. She was able to coach me through one of the most painful situations of my adult life—my decision to separate from my husband—and she helped me realize that I am strong enough to handle anything that comes my way. She supported me, encouraged me, and challenged me; because of her guidance I now have the confidence to take action and live the life I was meant to live. Hélène is such a blessing and I highly recommend her services to anyone and everyone.”

~ Melissa


“I really enjoyed working with Hélène. She was very thorough and thoughtful, and asked pointed questions that really made me think and more deeply consider my next steps. In our sessions, I felt she spent a great deal of time considering our previous discussions and evaluating my specific path to help guide me in a more clear direction. She really helped bring into focus where my inherent strengths lie, and I find I am very excited and energized to find the right fit for me as I re-enter the working world!” 

~ Susie


“I was working harder than ever, bringing great profit to my company, with inadequate recognition or reward for my accomplishments. When I asked for compensation, I was repeatedly told that money was tight. I was feeling helpless and worn out. Hélène very patiently listened to me and encouraged me. I did some research to find out what the competition was earning and created a chart to highlight my significant sales numbers It sounds silly but hearing Hélène validate my achievements, along with strong tools now in hand, gave me the confidence to put forth a convincing argument and get a substantial increase in salary. Thank you Hélène for helping me believe in myself and my worth—and helping me get positive results!” 

~ Erica


Being Coached by Hélène changed the trajectory of my life to align with who I am and to live out my truth in a way that makes me feel alive again! Prior to working with Hélène, I felt my life was spinning out of control and that I was being pulled in too many directions. I was definitely burning out. Hélène helped me realize what is truly important to me; she gave me the courage to live life according to my values. Hélène ‘s belief that I can have, and that I deserve, the life I want positively challenged me. I now wake up with purpose and motivation to create the life I want. Working with Hélène has really been a life changing experience!” 



“As a lifelong achiever, I have always been very good at setting stretch goals and achieving them, but going through a major career shift and becoming a mother caused me to take a long look at what was really important to me and I’m so glad I had Hélène as my coach on this journey. She challenged me examine my values and what was important for me in this transition. When I went to my default of creating big goals and doing everything possible to achieve them, her coaching helped me slow down to really enjoy the moments and consciously choose how to use my energy in a more constructive way. I am grateful for her help in listening to the calm voice of reason within myself so that I can really enjoy my family moments and pursue my career passion.”

~ Lindsay